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anxiety-free dentistryDo you avoid dental visits because of anxiety? If this sounds like you then Sedation Dentistry may be the perfect solution. Experience stress-free care professionally administered by compassionate dental experts. During your oral procedures you’ll be completely relaxed or asleep and wake up with a beautiful smile.

There is NO CHARGE for the Initial Consultation. It’s completely FREE and there is NO COMMITMENT to have any work done!


We’re here to listen to your concerns and evaluate your dental needs so we can offer you the best options. Then you decide what to do.

We are Certified Dental Sedation Experts and can help with a variety of situations such as:

  • a genuine fear of visiting a dentist
  • being uncomfortable with the smells of a dental office
  • panicking at the thought of needles or dental instruments
  • A special needs child or adult is in your care
  • You just want to be more comfortable during a lengthy dental visit

Don’t Let Dental Phobia Ruin Your Smile…And Your Health.

Dental phobia ranges from mild anxiety to paralyzing fear. It occurs in both adults and children.
But you don’t have to suffer needlessly. Amazingly, many of our patients with dental anxiety now look forward to their visits. They now have great oral health… plus a beautiful smile. Nashville Sleep Dentistry Patient

We offer a range of options from mild sedation for general anxiety to sleep dentistry for more acute cases of dental fear. All forms of sedation are administered by trained and certified experts whose main goal is to give you a positive experience as well as a beautiful, healthy smile.

Some of the procedures we expertly and compassionately provide include:

Cosmetic dentistry, Root Canals, Dental implants, dentures, fillings, partials, porcelain crowns and bridges and full mouth restorations.

Imagine having dental procedures without the anxiety with the end result being a beautiful, healthy smile. It’s a real confidence booster! You owe it to yourself or a loved one to call us today.

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